Attorney at Law – representing clients on all stages of court proceedings in civil, business, criminal, penal-tax and administrative matters before Courts and authorities all over Poland and abroad.

We deliver fast and efficient solutions providing our clients with satisfaction and legal security. We have the knowledge and experience needed to solve complicated legal issues.

We recognize that clients expect better, more efficient and dynamic lawyers than ever before. Large, traditionally structured law firms are no longer best equipped to provide the answers. The size and focus of our firm gives you a competitive advantage.

Too often, legal service is provided without understanding of its influence in our client’s property, family and business areas. We know those correlations because our clients expect and deserve.

Attorneys are often criticized for not being sufficiently responsive to the needs of their clients. We believe that responsiveness alone is not enough. You have a right to expect a law firm that will not only respond to your current needs, but will also anticipate and meet your future business and litigation needs. Lawyers who merely react and respond cannot keep pace with the evolving demands of your business. We have formed this law firm because we are committed to providing better and more effective legal services for you.

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